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GM's Blog

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GM's Blog

Post by UltimateX on Thu Jun 17, 2010 3:42 pm

I'll try to keep you informed with official GM blog about the upcoming updates.

If you have read any of the Tester's Blogs in the past then you will already be able to comfortably predict what me updating this means. Yes, last night our Test Server was updated with the Radiant Hall update, and pronounced stable for the testing team to get started with the hard work ahead.

The Developers' Notes have been available for a while now (rest assured that we will bring you the full, complete, accurate Patch Notes closer to the date that the update goes live) so most of you lurking on the forum will have some idea of what is coming. This blog entry will just be my first impressions about the new content, with later updates to the blog going into more detail.

The very first thing you will notice is the new UI. This update finishes the redesign of the UI started with the Illusion Castle update, and it looks good. Every single part of the UI looks brand new and shiny, from the login screen all the way to the personal inventory.

The Daily Quest system was also implemented, and it looks promising. I have not had the chance to complete all of the quests yet, but so far it seems to be a mix of open map and dungeon quests, with the rewards being either Exp or AXP. There is even one quest available from the grocer in the TG lobby, so even if you do nothing but go to TG you can still take part. There are also dungeon challenges, which I will need to investigate a bit closer later today. Quests reset on midnight every day, and I will have much more information with the next blog update.

The Party System is rather decent, and it fits in with the re-design of the options menu. On that note, the new Options menu is rather expansive, and has several new features included. One of the new functions is that you can set your own key-bindings, as well as set chatting macros (yes, I used the 'M' word ).

I have to just mention the new dungeons as well. The DX is quick and clean, and has a new design approach again, which I will expand upon later. The Radiant Hall dungeon... Well, I must be completely honest and say that I have not been as impressed in a while with any Cabal Dungeons. This one reminds me more of the Tower of the Dead B2F than anything else we have available, and it is really well executed. Yes, it is not going to set new boundaries for the difficulty level, but it is fun, and this is perhaps the first one in a while that will have people asking for guides

I think that's about enough for the first blog. The next entry will most likely deal with the Daily Quest system, so if you have any questions please ask in the comments, and I will try to answer everything when I update again.

I'll just leave these, as a promise of things to come.


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