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New event (23rd June – 4th July)

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New event (23rd June – 4th July)

Post by UltimateX on Tue Jun 22, 2010 5:03 am

On June 23rd 2006 a cool brand new MMO, going by the name of CABAL Online, was unveiled to testers in Europe. Opening a world full of action and adventure, millions of you from all across Europe joined the Revolution in Action, rising up to the challenges of Nevareth.

Four unforgettable years later and here we still are, with a new update only weeks away. To celebrate the occasion we have arranged a HUGE PARTY with in-game events, give-aways, contests and promotions.

So put on your birthday hat, let off those fireworks and come into the game and celebrate! It is not everyday your favourite game turns four!


Free Birthday Treat!
FREE Birthday Presents will be given to all active players (i.e. those who have logged into the game for at least 7 hours in the past 30 days)! Helping you get into the spirit, the Birthday Pack will include:

* Birthday Hat (3 day duration)
* Birthday Ring (Crit. Rate +15%, Crit. DMG + 20% Swd/Mg Amp. +10%) (3 day duration)
* Birthday speech bubble (3 day duration)
* Fireworks! (3 hour duration)

Experience Boost! (23rd June – 4th July)
Play during the Anniversary and enjoy extra experience! With 50% extra experience points when killing monsters and questing in the evenings, what better way is there to celebrate CABAL’s birthday?


Hours Bonus
10:00 ~ 13:00 Skill EXP 50% + WEXP 25%
13:00 ~ 16:00 PET EXP 50% + WEXP 25%
16:00 ~ 21:00 EXP 50%

Anniversary Badge Hunt (23rd – 7th July)
Collect and upgrade Anniversary Badges (Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum) from monsters all around the world and win some of CABAL's rarest loot. Items inside the badges include:

* Permanent RW3
* Permanent SIG EoX +7
* Costumes
* Dungeon Entries
* Upgrade Cores
* Blessing Beads
* Fury Potions

Happy Hunting!

Earn AXP and win a permanent SIG EoX +7! (23rd - 7th July)
The event you have all been waiting for: the chance to win permanent SIG epaulettes +7! Earn 100 AXP over the course of the two week event and not only will you win a 3 day EoX+7 (the version you receive will be based on your class) but will also be eligible to win 1 of 9 permanent versions.

For each 100 AXP you earn you will receive an additional chance of winning, meaning the more you farm the more likely it is you will walk away with a permanent version. So what are you waiting for? Get farming!

Level Progression Event
Not quite level 120 yet to take part in the SIG event? Not to worry! For this Anniversary we are giving you all the incentive you need to pile on those levels! Take advantage of the 50% extra experience during the event period and for each level target you reach between 60 and 105 you will receive a special prize.

Reach level 60 and receive:

* Blessing Bead EXP +25% - 1 day duration
* Astral Board X – Green – 3 day duration

Reach level 70 and receive:

* 3 x Enhanced Core (Medium)
* Blessing Bead Skill EXP +50% - 1 day duration
* Blessing Bead Plus – 2 hour duration

Reach level 90 and receive:

* Blessing Bead Skill EXP + 50% - 1 day duration
* Blessing Bead Plus – 1 day duration

Reach level 105 and receive:

* Astral Board Card – X3 White – 3 day duration
* Blessing Bead WEXP+50% - 1 day duration

10% Extra CABAL Cash with Wallie & Moneybookers (23rd – 30th June)
Our payment partners over at Wallie and Moneybookers have joined in on the celebrations and are offering an EXTRA 10% with all purchases made between the 23rd and 30th June. Take advantage of this offer, alongside the discounts that will happen throughout the week, to make some mega savings on some of your favourite items!

Competitions & Contests

Share your CABAL Memories (23rd - 7th July)
Share with us your favourite memories over the past four years and win some fantastic prizes. Memories can be displayed in any form you wish, including videos (hosted by Xfire), screenshots, poems or stories. For each category a separate prize will be awarded, with the top entries displayed on the official website.

[Contest Opens Tomorrow]

Anniversary Quiz – Sponsored by MMOSite (June 21st - July 10th)
Our partners over at MMOSite are running a special anniversary quiz. Answer all the questions correctly and tell us why you love CABAL so much and you could win:

* A permanent costume of your choice
* 1 month Premium Membership
* 15 Day Blessing Bead Plus
* 1 Day Blessing Bead Plus

[Take the MMOSite Quiz]

Guild vs Guild Tournament
Attention PvPers! Throughout the anniversary period we will be running a 5 versus 5 guild tournament. Aimed at a mix of levels you will be required not only to use your strength but also your brain, choosing the right mix of classes and levels.

For more information, including on how to enter, visit the official announcement. But beware! Entries close on Thursday 24th.

Spot the GM!

Throughout the anniversary period the GMs will be around the game speaking to players. If you manage to spot a GM shout out “Buff” and the GM will kindly give you a special sign of his or her affection.

Ultimate CABAL Community Quiz! (22nd - 7th July)
Test your knowledge against CABAL’s resident nerd. Correctly answer the most questions and you will receive a free permanent costume.

[Take the Quiz now!]

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