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Post by Shhh on Thu Jun 17, 2010 9:04 am

Rules must be respected by all users of the forum.

1.Users must NOT offend any other user.
2.Users must NOT double post.*
3.Users must NOT open useless topics.
4.Users may NOT write short posts like: "cool" "yes" "no".**
5.Users must NOT abouse emoticons.***
6.Users must NOT speak any other lang instead of english.

* : If u forgot to add something to a post,please use "EDIT" function instead of double post.
** : It's not fully restricted,but it's good to avoid that kind of posts.
*** : It means not to write a post full of emoticons or things like that.

-Those rules may change.
-Respect rules as a normal comunity does.
-Those we're written by me bcz Ulti is too lazy.

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