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New CABAL PH Update

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New CABAL PH Update

Post by Shhh on Thu Jun 17, 2010 11:11 am

An update that will come in July for cabal PH.Don't know when this will apply to cabal EU.

Here to show you the preliminary notes of the upcoming patch scheduled to be implemented this July on CO PH. Other essential screenshots and info will follow as soon as they are available.

Added Daily Quests

(1) New quests are initialized at 00:00 everyday.

Key Mapping and Option Renewal

(1) Key Mapping: Users can set their own shortcut keys during playing game.
(2) Added Chatting Macro

Added new MD Illusion Castle Radiant hall

(1) Level Requirement : From 130 (BSLV11)
(2) Entrance Item: Apocalypse of Outer World* (*item names are subject to change)
(3) Location : Lakeside Illusion Castle (X:171, Y:171)
(4) Time Limit : 3 hours
(5) Reward :15,000 honor points (There is no Core Cube reward)
(6) Title: Phantasmal Origin Specialist* (HP increasing option) (*item names are subject to change)
Added Unique Accessory

(1) Name : Drosnin's Earrings* (*item names are subject to change)
(2) Level Requirement: 130
(3) Basic Option : Defense +10, Defense rate +100
(4) Unique Option : Defense +5, +10, +15
HP +20, +35, +50
HP Steal Cap +10, +15, +20
--> Three options among the options above will be given randomly.
(5) Attribute: Character Bind, Can equip up to two.

Added new DX Dungeon Catacomb Frost

(1) Level Requirement : 110 (BSLV11)
(2) Entrance Item : Frozen Clue
(3) Location: "The Altar of the Blizzard" in Bloody Ice
(4) Time Limit : 25 minutes
(5) Reward: None
-->Drop type is same as the other DX dungeons. It drops 'boots' type equipment.

Added Party Search and Improved Party System

(1) Updated System

(2) Basic Information
A. Characters do not belong to party can open party search by using party shortcut key. (default: P)
B. Cabal Menu > Community
- Party search UI can be opened through party menu.
- Characters do not belong to party can either open party search UI or check the possibility of party search registration via party context menu.
- When users are on party, party search UI can be checked so as to make parties with same goals to be able to unify when they want.
-->Users cannot open party search when they are in war channel or at DX dungeon.

Composition of UI and Its Activation


A. Select channel and click search button at channel combo box, party that include the particular channel will be shown.
B. Type in the search text that you want to filter in the search box, party with the text on recruitment text will be shown.
C. Lists can be refreshed by F5 key. Shortcut Key does not work to choose party members when party search UI has been activated.

Party Application

(1) You can apply to the party that you choose on the list.
(2) Characters that are already involved in party deactivate on the list.

Party Registration and Cancelling Registration

(1) Click "Register Party" icon to register party.
(2) When you are registered for party search, the icon will be "Cancel Registration"
(3) Party registration can be cancelled by clicking "Cancel Registration" icon.
(4) The icons are not visible for party members except for party leaders.
(5) Party Search List

A. Show information about parties that register party search.
B. You can find up to 50 lists at one time. The party that registered the most recent will come first.

(6) Channel
<blockquote>A. Party leader shows current channel.
B. List can be sorted by channel button.

(7) Recruitment Text
A. The text which party leader typed in search box.
B. List can be sorted by recruitment text button.

(8) Party Members
A. The fixed number of party members decided by party members and party leaders is shown.
B. List can be sorted by party members button</blockquote>

(9) Party Leader
A. Party leader's class, nation, level,character name is show.
B. You can apply to party and also can have private talk with party leader

How to Register Party Search

(1) Click Party search UI "Party Registration" button to activate party registration UI.<br>
(2) Party search registration can begin by party leader or characters with higher than Lv10 that do not belong to any party.
A. In order to prevent any commercial and other inappropriate recruitment texts, level limitation exists.
B. In order to prevent dual registration, characters and party leaders that do not belong to any party have an authority to register party.
C. The character that register party search and make party becomes party leader.

(3) Party registration box constitution and function
A. Recruitment Text
--> Recruitment text can be typed in.
Maximum 40 bytes.
Basic text (I am looking for party members.) is given. If you click input box the message will be deleted.
B. Fixed number of party members
--> Maximum number of party members can be designated.
You can either type the number in input box or click button to make the number bigger or smaller.
Minimum number of party member: current party member +1, Maximum: 7
If typed number is bigger than 7, change the number to 7.
When party registration box is activated, the basic number of party members is 7. (It is based on maximum number of party members)

How to Cancel Party Search Registration

(1) Party leader can cancel party search registration by using party search UI "cancel registration" button.
(2) When the number of party members exceeds the fixed number, party search will be canceled.
A. When you set the fixed number of party members to 6 and there are more than 6 members, party search will be canceled.
B. If the number of party members exceeds 7 when it registers a party, party search will be canceled.
C. System message will be shown.
"Party search registration has been canceled as the number of party member exceeds the fixed number."

(3) If you enter DX dungeon while you are on party search, the party search will be canceled.

A. System message will be shown.
"Party search registration has been canceled as you enter DX dungeon."

(4) If character that does not register party search joins party, the party will be canceled.
A. System message will be shown.
"Party has been canceled as you are not registered in party search."

(5) Party search registration will be canceled as the party dissolve.

Party Member Channel and Area Information

(1) Mouse over party member's class level mark, Party member's channel, regional information will be shown in tooltip.
(2) The reason why we limit the function only to class level mark is to minimize the trouble seeing tooltip while choosing party members, menu and checking the status of buff.
(3) Party member's channel and regional information includes channel, region (field or dungeon) and nation.
(4) Party member's channel and regional information will not be shown when they are offline.

Party UI Hide Function

(1) Hide and activate party UI by using a button.
(2) Add hiding (minimizing) button on Party UI's upper left.
(3) Minimizing button is being shown only when you mouse over party UI.
(4) When UI is minimized, UI activation button will be added at the same place and the button will be shown all the time.
(5) Hide and activate party UI by using shortcut key.
(6) Hide and activate party UI by using party shortcut key .(Basically: P)

Change of Rules for Partying Among Characters with Different Nation

(1) Previous
If one of the two characters with different nations is at war field, party application is impossible.

A. Party is possible on normal field or dungeons even if nations are different.
B. When characters with different nations want to make a party and enter a dungeon in war field should make a party in normal field and move to war field.

(2) New
If characters know each other's character name and information, party application is possible.
A. Since other character's character menu is unable to be seen at war field, you should know their name so that you can invite them.

Credits to :

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Re: New CABAL PH Update

Post by UltimateX on Thu Jun 17, 2010 3:19 pm

It will come to EU too. I'd post the official notes, but they ain't completed yet Very Happy

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